Registered Schools

  1. Canadian International Elementary School Tokyo
  2. Canadian International Junior High School Tokyo
  3. Columbia International School
  4. Fukuoka International School
  5. Global Indian International School, Tokyo
  6. Gyosei International Junior High School
  7. Gyosei International Primary School
  8. Hiroo Gakuen Junior and Senior High School
  9. Horizon Japan International School
  10. India International School in Japan (Tokyo Campus)
  11. India International School in Japan (Yokohama Campus)
  12. Ise Bay Homeschool
  13. Iwakuni Elementary School
  14. Jack N. Darby Elementary School
  15. K. International School Tokyo
  16. Kadena Elementary School
  17. KAIS Elementary & Middle School
  18. Kaiyo Academy
  19. Kakegawa International Christian School
  20. Kansai International Academy
  21. Katoh Elementary
  22. Katoh Gakuen Gyoshu Junior and Senior High School
  23. Kyoto International University Academy
  24. Linden Hall Elementary School
  25. Makuhari International School
  26. M.Y. Homeschool
  27. Okinawa Amicus International
  28. Planet Kids
  29. Shirley Lanham Elementary
  30. Sollars Elementary School
  31. Tathva International School – Primary
  32. Tathva International School – Secondary
  33. The Montessori School of Tokyo
  34. The Montessori School of Tokyo, Middle School
  35. Tokyo YMCA International School
  36. Tokyo YMCA International School – Middle School
  37. Tsukuba International School
  38. Tsukuba International School
  39. Waseda International Christian School
  40. Willpower Learning Institute
  41. Yokohama Christian School
  42. Yokota West Elementary
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